The World and China Institute

作者: 发表时间:2006-2-28

Who we are:

The World and China Institute (WCI), founded in Beijing in 1994, is an independent non-government, non-profit research institute, dedicating to the mutual understanding of the world and China. The founders of WCI consisted of scholars, bureaucrats, policy analysts and entrepreneurs from various universities, research institutes, government units and private companies. Most of them have been very active, both in domestic and international contexts, since the very beginning of the reform and openness of China. Some of them were well trained abroad and have good understanding of both China and the world.

What we do:

By research for some projects, WCI seeks to identify and contribute to the solution of various important issues, national and international, that China is facing now.

WCI works by paying attention to the reform and openness of China, the great changes and transition in society, politics, economy and culture brought by the openness to the outside world. It attaches importance to the current situation and prospect of the economic and political reform since China adopted the market economy program in 1992. Another important issue, which WCI focuses on, is the international relationship of China with the World, especially in the Pacific Region, after the end of the Cold War. WCI is particularly interested in the issues as the national security, regional conflict, international economic and political development, the relationship of Sino-U.S., Japan and other countries. Also, WCI is interested in the cultural, economic and political impact of China accompanied the economic growth on the other parts of the world.

The emphases of WCI"s research projects are economic and political development and Chinese society in transition. WCI pays attention not only on economic growth and system changes, but also on how market economy influences on the social changes and political development. The Institute is studying the great changes in the society, politics, culture, ideology, economy and law taking place in the transition to market economy, and also planning to have comparative studies on the same issues in other countries. WCI believes, through these studies, we will understand China"s situation and experiences better and provide more valuable opinions.

Currently, WCI is focusing on research of political system reform, election in rural areas, civil society and its impact on politics, social thinking trend happening in China recently. We believe these studies can give contribution to bring up democracy, stability and prosperity to China in the near future. WCI has an intention to assist and design plans and frame to the local political reform, especially in the rural election.

How we do:

WCI is to have independent projects itself and joint program with Chinese and foreign government, research institutes, enterprises, international organizations and individual researchers to promote the academic exchange. The Institute accepts the entrustment by them to conduct projects in China, like the economic analyses, social and political development, international relationship, social or commercial survey, etc. Projects and activities conducted by the Institute are academic and experimental. WCI works independently to implement research projects, and to keep the purity of academia. On this basic principle, the Institute provides research report, survey or field studies.

WCI has conducted many successful meetings, symposium, seminars and conference with scholars, officials and entrepreneurs from China and the world to discuss issues they are interested in. These reports of above activities were published and have an international and domestic mention.

Recently, WCI designed and assisted the first direct election of director in township government in the town of Buyun of Sichuan province, which was mentioned by the world media and domestic media. This affair has deeply influenced the political reform in China.

What we have done:

Since the foundation in 1994, WCI has already conducted some projects with Chinese and foreign scholars, officials and businessmen in many fields. Some of those programs are following:

Openness Program:

l Symposium on MFN Status for 1994, which jointed by many officials from Foreign Affairs Ministry, MOFTEC, People"s Bank of China, Foundation of International Strategy in China and the American Chamber of Commerce of Beijing;

l Project of the Impact of Hong Kong on China"s Reform and Openness, which is jointed with Hong Kong partner and the outcome is some reports and a book published in Hong Kong in 1996;

l Conference on the Role of Western Culture in China Since the Reform and Openness in 1995;

l Project of the Role of Taiwan in Mainland China"s Reform and Openness, which is the another program with Hong Kong partner and many reports and a book published in Hong Kong in 1996;

l A series of projects concerning Taiwan issues, Sino-American relationship, Chinese foreign policy, which jointly with Hong Kong, Taiwan, America and Australia partners during 1995-1997;

l Preparation of International Conference of Internet and Economic Development in China, which cooperated with Ministry of Electronic Industry and China Society for Economic System Reform during 1996-1998;

Political Reform Program:

l Discussion meeting of the Transition of the Current China in Society and Politics in 1996;

l A series of program about transition of economic reform, political changes, reform of law system and the trend of current thinking in China jointly with Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwan and American partners during 1995-1998;

l A series of discussions meetings about current thinking trend and political system reform in China in 1998, reports of those discussions published in China and some in America, Canada and Hong Kong.

Civil Society Program:

l Project of the Civil Society in China, from 1997-1998, which published as a book in Canada and Hong Kong in 1998.

Comparative Election System Program:

l Involvement in design and assistance of Buyun election in Sichuan Province in 1998-1999. Many reports of this election has been published by China and worldwide media including AP, Time, Newsweek, Washington Post, New York times and other Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand newspapers.

l Project of “Annovation and Development--To Promote the Election in Township Level” which finished in 2000 and published by Oriental Publishing House(People"s Publishing House) in Nov. of 2001 in China.

l Project of monitoring basic-level democracy including village, township and urban community in China. The book of “Report on Grassroots Democracy in China: 2000-2001” was published by Oriental Publishing House(People"s Publishing House) in April 2002 in China.

Publication we have:

WCI has publication titled "Background and Analyses" in Chinese, which circulated to some government and institution units.